Thursday, August 27, 2009

Will you try it? TruBlood Beverage Exclusive

Personally it's not my cup of ... tea. But it looks like an energy drink so the youngsters might be more keen to chug it. Supposedly Tru Blood has an orange flavor. Maybe like sunkist or fanta? Read the taste test below.

Although with Halloween coming up, Tru Blood mixed with exotic (or not) liqueurs could be a party hit! Everyone would want to try it.

TruBlood Beverage Exclusive

"Tru Blood" Taste Test

Apparently humans taste like very, very sweet candy. To be more specific we taste like incredibly super tart candy, like someone melted down the red Sour Patch Kids into a gooey syrup. I'm struggling to finish the whole test tube, but find it's easier when mixed with booze. It also packs a mean sugar rush about two minutes after drinking a little. If this is what vampires drink all day, sign me up. I love the idea of candy-flavored blood.

So in the end I recommend Tru Blood for people whose vampiric fang is also a sweet tooth. It's best served chilled and tastes better with vodka.

Will you try it?

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