Thursday, August 27, 2009

Men of True Blood - NY Post

Don't look now Robert Pattinson, but Edward's title as Sexiest Vampire is bleeding out. But don't be too hard on your "Twilight" fangbearer, as one vampire proves to be no match for "True Blood's" clan of Sherriffs, Elders and Makers -- and that's without so much of a bite into the humans. What makes "True Blood" so addictive, you ask? We think it's this bloodlicious recipe: one scoop of Bill plus a double scoop of Eric with Jason on top makes for one sexy Sunday. Here are the hotties on HBO's "Blood" roster -- both dead and alive.

Eric Northman: Nordic Vampire, Sheriff of Area 5
Eric Northman's motives are rarely pure. And as an elder (a vampire 300 years of age or older), he knows how to get what he wants -- he can glamour the humans and overpower the younger vampires -- and right now, what he wants is leading lady Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin).

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