Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Season 4... So Far

SPOILERS: We are mid-way through season 4, and although there were a few bumps early on, the last few episodes have been strong.

Eric Northman - his transformation from arrogant Sheriff to the meekly apologetic house guest, while in his own home, has been a humorous change. Watching him act so unlike his character from the past three seasons has allowed Sookie to see him less as a monster and more like scared young man in need of cuddling after a nightmare. Walking around in Jason's cut-off sweatshirts and beach shorts, Eric's softer side shows this dorky nordic is as lovable as a family pet.

Bill Comptom - his character as King in season 4 is by far his best role of the series so far. In the first three seasons, he stumbled along at the beck n call of the Queen, changed his ridiculous hairstyles like a Beiber fan and constantly flip-flopped over his relationship with Sookie. Finally, we see Bill take the more becoming role as King of Louisiana. He rules ruthlessly following the a-thor-a-tee's commands, helping to strengthen the vampire's community presence. He's let go of Sookie, it seems, to shield her from the dangers of his throne and its responsibilities. This is the Bill that I wanted to see, more in control and less a sniveling peasant.

Tara - She looks great and sexy, the best she's ever looked in the series. I'm guessing she watches her own scenes and learns from them as we have been saved from seeing her quivering bottom lip this season. She looks great and I hope a storyline expands for her.

The Panthers & Jason Stackhouse - by far the worst part of this season. First, Jason is a new sheriff, but instead of seeing the familiar and hilarious banter between he and Andy, Jason is tied to a bed for nearly the entire half of the season. I cannot stand the red-neckedness of the Panthers, they should have at least been black. The panther is such a beautiful animal and to be portrayed by this backwoods family is annoying. I skipped through their scenes and didn't miss a thing.

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