Monday, October 20, 2008

True Blood Halloween Costume Theme Party Tips

Merlotte's Waitress (True Blood) costume

Dress up as the sexy, yet doomed waitresses of Merlotte's. All you need is a Merlotte's shirt, green apron, little black shorts and tennis shoes. Tie your hair in southern curls to the side and you'll be looking like a darlin'. Of course you'll need the red head, Arlene and Daphne - missing a heart and brain :P so get your friends!

A gal's got to make her living somehow.

True Blood Merlotte's Beer SteinTrue Blood Women's Fitted Merlotte's Logo T-shirtTrue Blood Women's I Heart Bill Compton T-shirtTrue Blood Men's Bottle T-shirtTru Blood Beverage - 24 PackTrue Blood Merlott's Apron

Don't forget the fun-loving Fellowship of the Sun. Bring the paintball guns and honesty rings! This is the Christian group against Vampires and their sinful deadness. But the Fellowship loves to have a good time - BBQ's, sleep overs and adventure camps. How could you not love the Fellowship?!

Ladies...and actually men too, get your curling irons, flat irons, tire irons, whatever and tease, tease, tease that hair like it's reaching for Christ.

Don't forget Luke! Just wrap yourself in silver chains then cover with a military jacket.

True Blood Light of Day Men's T-shirt

True Blood Light of Day Women's T-shirt

True Blood Women's Fellowship of the Sun T-Shirt

True Blood Men's Fellowship of the Sun T-shirt

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