Friday, September 11, 2009

Sexy Red Hot Vampire Platform Heels Shoes under $100

When vamps come out at night, they still want to look fabulous in the moonlight. Shop these super sexy vampire shoes with heels so high they could be a weapon onto themselves. You might need a weapon fighting off the flirtations of all sorts.

These red hot heels can glam, so be careful! All shoes shown are under $100, cheap and affordable.

Click on image to shop.

Pleaser Delight 654-3 (Women's) - Black/Red/Black

Pleaser Adore 3023 (Women's) - Red Stretch Patent/Red

Pleaser Vogue 32 (Women's) - Red Satin/Red

Pleaser Bliss 38 (Women's) - Red/Black Satin

Pleaser Chic 40 (Women's) - Red Nubuck/Red

Pleaser Indulge 2022 (Women's) - Black/Red Stretch Patent

Pleaser Bliss 30-2 (Women's) - Black/Red Lace

Pleaser Delight 615 (Women's) - Black/Red/Black

Pleaser Delight 676 (Women's) - Red Satin/Black

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