Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How do Vampires Look Around The World?

How do other cultures and eras portray vampires?
Asian version of Twilight.  the emo angst derives from the unimaginable sadness that goes along with being a teen forever.
don't complain about the noodles at Uncle Fang Suk Yu
holy mother that's a big bite
 dipping sauce for when you eat your amor 
biting herself to drink her own blood? I'm sure she's done it already.
Ultimate Man Killer - No remorse for her lusts

typical toy dog


  1. so great huh thaks for share theirs fun pictures really fucks pics shit look at that

  2. waow how you do that i like that pictures very exellent!!!!!

  3. picture at the top - HYDE <3333*


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