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Bud the Sheriff - Partied like it was 1999

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Love Triangle storyline - True Blood Season 3 Preview exclusive

An Unusual Love Triangle forms after Sam drinks Bill's Vampire blood
in the True Blood Season 2 Finale

employee of the month - not

Jessica's a handful

The Queen – on a tight schedule for next Yahtzee game

i like ther zindafel wit my slappy jacks *hiccup

this ain't france, this is looo easy anna

Jessica - hoyts looking for you, what are you doin?

Eggs - Now he has blood on his head too

Andy - Tells it like it is

Ice Cream Sundae - The Best Reward for Neglected Children

kids - can watch their conception on cable re-runs

Vampire Entertainment – They didn’t have these last century


Naked Sunday Service – it could happen, right?


my hair gel - i need some

Eurosexual - A Distinct Type of Male Homo Sapien


One who has rugged yet trendy facial hair, dark denim jeans, tight upper body T-shirt, silver neck chains and tidy, yet practical shoes and who also exhibits a strong attraction to the opposite sex and who lives as one of European descent, may be considered Eurosexual.

courtesy of Urban Dictionary. Read more on Eurosexuals

i met a girl name, soookay

Fellowship of the Sun - Family Values is only for the little people

sookay & beell

tracks suits - eurosexuals' everyday wear

twilight vampire is brooding

heart tar tar

bad bad boy

vampire tears

RIP Maryann

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